Thank you for choosing Heritage West Financial, Inc. as your futures and options brokerage firm. Please follow the instructions carefully, paying close attention to the signature pages.


To help the government fight terrorism and money laundering, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person opening an account.

Accounts are usually opened the same or next day after your completed account forms are received. Wiring instructions are in the “How do I fund my account” dropdown.

To transfer your account, just fill out the transfer form in addition to the appropriate account forms. Your positions and cash balance will be transferred within a few days. No need to worry – you can exit any existing trades or initiate new trades in your new Heritage West account during the transfer process.

US CITIZENS – It’s possible we may need a copy of your driver’s license, passport, state issued ID card, utility bill, or similar documents.

NON-US PERSONS – A copy of a passport, driver’s license, valid government issued ID card or similar documents. You must include at least one document with a number and your signature.

CORPS OR PARTNERSHIPS – Articles of incorporation, good standing certificates, partnership agreements, business licenses or similar documents.

By Check:

Make all personal checks payable to Ironbeam, Inc. The name on your check should be the same as the name on your Ironbeam/Heritage West West account. For example, if you have a personal account and you sent in a business check, it will not be accepted – and vice versa. Checks from the joint bank account of a husband and wife will be accepted for an individual account in the name of either spouse.

Not accepted: Counter/starter checks, i.e., checks without the customer’s name and address pre-printed, third party checks or wires, checks drawn on a foreign bank account, check(s) in excess of $50,000, cashiers checks in excess of $20,000, and money orders. Mail checks to Ironbeam, Inc. 141 W. Jackson Blvd., #2750, Chicago, IL 60604.

By Wire:

Bank: BMO Harris Bank
111 W. Monroe St.
Chicago, IL 60603
ABA #071-000-288
Swift Code: HATRUS  44 (for international wire use only)

Credit: Ironbeam, Inc.
141 W. Jackson Blvd #2750
Chicago, IL 60604 USA
Account Number: 3031226

Further Credit (or Reference): Your Name, Your Account Number.

Please call us at 619-230-5407 with any questions you may have – we’ll be happy to help.