Thank you for choosing Heritage West Financial, Inc. as your futures and options brokerage firm. Please follow the instructions carefully, paying close attention to the signature pages.

STEP 1 Submit Your Application


Applying for an account is easy. Simply fill out the Application Forms, review the relevant legal documents and submit electronically.


Existing users can login to continue an application or to view your application documents.


Download Printable Application Forms:

STEP 2 Fund Your Account

When we have verified your application form and supportive documentation, your account is ready for funding. This will normally happen within 48 hours.

Clients may fund their trading account in two ways:


Wire in US Dollars from within the US

ABA Routing Number: 071000288
BMO Harris Bank NA
111 West Monroe
Chicago, IL 60603

Credit: Straits Financial LLC Cust. Seg Reg 1.20
Acct Account Number: 3999521

Please include:
For Further Credit to:
Straits Account Holder’s Name: ______________________
Straits Account Number: ___________________________


We accept personal checks and bank checks made payable to Straits Financial LLC. Please mail all checks to:

Straits Financial LLC

311 S. Wacker Drive
Suite 980
Chicago, Illinois 60606

The name on your check should be the same as the name on your Straits/Heritage West account. For example, if you have a personal account and you send a business check, it will not be accepted – and vice versa. Checks from the joint bank account of a husband and wife will be accepted for an individual account in the name of either spouse.

Not accepted: Counter/starter checks, i.e., checks without the customer’s name and address pre-printed, third-party checks or wires, checks drawn on a foreign bank account, checks in excess of $50,000, cashier’s checks in excess of $20,000, and money orders. 

Please call Heritage West Financial at 1.619.230.5407 for clarification or questions on opening an account or transferring funds.